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Linda Fries, a San Francisco artist, creates Oil Paintings in abstract and landscape styles.

Lively! Vibrant! Colorful! Sensual! Joyful! Landscape Paintings

I use oil painting, through both realism and abstraction, to interpret my deep experiences in nature. I have been a lifelong hiker, backpacker and open water swimmer. As both a painter and an outdoor enthusiast, the natural world has always been the primary inspiration for my art. From years of drawing and painting watercolors outdoors on hiking trips, I have countless plein air studies that form the backbone of my art. Painting gives voice to my deep longing to express the felt experiences of being a woman immersed in the natural world. I try to bring that sense of joy, radiance and aliveness to my work that only nature can give. Through art, I express my intimate connection to beloved wild places. Trees, hills, rivers, sky, wind, sun, moon, rocks, birds, beasts, flowers, mountains, lakes, and the sea…all call me home.